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The two campuses of the Friends School are located in the twin towns of Ramallah and El-Bireh, approximately ten miles north of Jerusalem. 

The Lower School (FGS)

The Lower School (FGS) is located on a beautifully shaded campus near the heart of the Old City of Ramallah. It presently has over 620 girls and boys from the lower kindergarten to grade six. More pictures

The Upper School (FBS)

The Upper School (FBS) is located on the picturesque campus of El-Bireh.  It presently has over 490 girls and boys in grades 7 to 12.  Originally built near the Friends Girl School, the Friends Boys School was moved in 1905 to its present location because of the need for expansion.  The Administration building, which used to contain rooms for boarding students, now has many classrooms and offices.  It is the most historic building on campus, a beautiful stone building with an ivy façade.  The campus has grown over the years; the latest additions include the ASHA-sponsored Science Building and Library, IT Labs, and Multi-Purpose Hall Facility.

The KayKab Educational Garden, located just across from the Upper School campus, is part of the School’s educational facilities. The 3,000sq meter facility includes a garden, greenhouse, and the historic Swift House. The Friends School staff gardener provides guided tours and training programs.  Members of the public are invited to join free, escorted walks along to learn more about tree and plant life in the local region. Also adjacent the Upper School campus is Friends School Sports Field (pictured below), where sports activities and special events are celebrated. More pictures